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The 2023 RYFC Football Playoff System

The RYFC standings, playoff, and championship system has been updated and simplified from past seasons to best reflect the evolution of the league while continuing to maximize the number of athletes playing in an RYFC championship game. Here is an overview of the process:

  • All teams at all levels will play a full eight game season

  • At the end of week seven the teams that place in the top 12 of the standings at each level will play in playoff games to determine the teams that will play in an RYFC championship game in week nine. Teams that do not finish in the top 12 still play in week eight to finish the 2023 RYFC football season

  • The top 12 teams at each level are divided into three divisions based on the team standings at the end of the week seven football games. These teams play in the below brackets. 

  • In the event that more than one team occupies a position in the standings (i.e. a tie), ranking will be determined by a formula of defensive statistics. 

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